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What can we do about the dangers of 5G?

For most people, the sound “5G” brings out a sense of dread, worry and uncertainty. Has this technology been thoroughly tested on humans for safety? Have we solved the problems of 2G-3G and 4G? Where is it all going and how can we avoid it?

Dr. Devra Davis, President of the Environmental Health Trust and former appointee by President Bill Clinton to the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board believes that 5G is not safe and has not been tested. We already know from thousands of tests that low level radio waves can cause:

  • DNA single and double strand breaks.
  • oxidative damage.
  • disruption of cell metabolism.
  • increased blood brain barrier permeability.
  • melatonin reduction.
  • disruption to brain glucose metabolism.
  • generation of stress proteins.

It has also been shown that 5G can penetrate the skin and our sweat ducts act as antennas that 5G will interact with.

5G is coming and being installed everywhere around the world as we speak. But all forms of microwave radiation from cell phones, WiFi, Smart Meters, and the Internet of Everything are already reaching most everyone on Earth.

And what about 5G potential to be used as a weapon against us? Is that true?

Watch the new video from Sacha Stone:

We already know from live cell blood studies, that our cells react violently to normal cell phone signals. The cells clump together and try to protect themselves from the incoming radiation signals.

This cuts down on oxygen absorption and slows down the ability of the cells to take in nutrients as well as release toxins for removal from our body.

Tests have shown that the Bio-Friendly frequencies of the Chi-O, Chi Organizer help the cells to relax and reorient themselves after using a cell phone.

Here are some pictures of some blood cells before and after a cell phone call and then after wearing the Chi-O Chi Organizer.

Before using the cell phone, the subject’s blood was taken as a control. The blood was not in the perfect condition to begin with.


Healthy blood looks like this:

normalcells Â

When each cell has space around it, it is easier for the cells to get nutrition and eliminate toxins.

After a 10 minute cell phone call, the blood clumped together and looked like this:

The cells are clumping together and trying to protect themselves.

After wearing the Chi-O Chi Organizer for only 10 minutes after the cell call, the blood looked like this:


The cells are not yet in perfect condition, but much better than after the call and even much better that before they began the test!

We will have to wait until 5G is installed to find out how the cells respond, but it makes sense that they will follow the same pattern that they have with 2G, 3G, and 4G.

As soon as we have definitive data on 5G protection, we will let you know.

Current Electo Smog levels are already too high in most areas. At least get an Economy Chi-O to protect yourself and your family.

Of course the Jewelry Chi-Os are much more beautiful!

Minimally start looking into way to minimize your exposure to microwaves from all types of wireless devices.

Don Paris Ph.D. (h.c.)


Hi Everyone,

I just returned a few days ago from a very exciting journey to China! This is a bit longer newsletter than usual, but I think you will find the time spent reading to be very enlightening as well as interesting!

When I first got the invitation to go to China last February, I was hesitant. We have friends that are professional dancers that had been to Bejing (the goal of my travel) to perform there. The hotel was next to the performance hall and they had told us that by just walking through a courtyard from one building to the other caused a lot of distress from the bad air there.

The purpose of my trip was to scan about 250 ancient Chinese herbal remedies and convert the herbals to SE-5 1000 digital Tunings. Since many of these remedies and formulas are not available any more, either because the people that created them died with the secret formula or because many of the ingredients are now illegal (like tiger bone for example), they wanted to create a digital imprint of the remedies so that we could put the IDF pattern of the remedies into water or other substances (basically like making a homeopathic remedy from them)

By creating a Tuning for each of the remedies, we can store the information in a computer and use it any time in the future to create the IDF imprint of the remedy.

I tried to convince my clients to bring the remedies to Bali to our retreat center and we could work in a clean environment and enjoy the sun and ocean. After some more discussion, we realized that it would be impossible to get all the herbs through customs.

So after much consternation, I decided to make the trip to China. Read more »

DNA can Teleport and New Training Course for SE-5 1000

I have some exciting news!

Science is starting to catch on! See the article below.  DNA can move through space and copy itself at a distance according to Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier. Quite a statement from current science. It turns the chemical based ideas on their head.

Naturally we have known this for decades through our research with the SE-5 1000. I will go one step further and propose that the DNA is actually using Scalar waves to propagate itself at a distance. You see, the DNA double helix is shaped EXACTLY like a Scalar coil. This allows for the collapse of the electromagnetic field and could then create such anomalies of this “spooky” action at a distance as Einstein called it. Read more »

SE-5 1000 Workstation

Hi Everyone,

I realize my last newsletter was very long, so this time I made a very short one :-) .

I had several people asking questions about how the SE-5 Workstation works and if each Balancing Only Instrument really comes with a laptop computer, so I thought the best way to answer was to show everyone how it works.

And YES, each Balancing Only Instrument comes WITH a laptop computer. We set up the software for you to be ready to go when you open the box and turn it on.

I made a short video about the new SE-5 1000 Workstation.

you tube

If you haven’t been to the website for awhile, you might want to check it out. I completely revamped the website mostly because it didn’t look good on smart phones, androids and Ipads. But it was time to really update it and add some new info as well.

Enjoy the movie… (the popcorn will be sent via the SE-5…

Remote, let me know how you like it)


Test Results for the Chi-O Chi Organizer

I have had some great results with testing the Chi-O.

During several SE-5 training seminars in the USA and Europe, I had about 30 different practitioners of the SE-5 check their neighbor’s meridians and the amount of Chi-Stagnation in the meridians.

So each person would exchange a Sample with the person sitting next to them. They then checked each other’s meridians for any Chi-Stagnation. Then I had them call each other for about 5-10 minutes on their Cell Phone. Then they checked the Meridians again.

Then I had them put on the Chi-O and re-check the Meridians.

This was a typical experience from just about all of the people no matter what country they are from:
Chi-Stagnation Test

1. Most people had some Chi-Stagnation in several Meridians before we started as you can see in Amplitude reading..
2. After making a 5- 10 minute phone call, the Chi-Stagnation went up by considerably in most meridians as seen in Amplitude 2.
3. After putting on the Chi-O for a few minutes, the Chi-Stagnation went down almost 0 Read more »

What is EME?

What is EME?

EME is a new condition that has emerged over the last 15 years or so. It stands for ElectroMagnetic Exhaustion a term I have come up with to describe the overload of EM radiation that most people are exposed to on a daily basis these days. You will not find too much about it even through Google, but the fact is that many many people are complaining about this even though they do not know what it is or what is causing it.

EME comes from the resistance that our body puts up against the onslaught of electromagnetic frequencies. We have a built in protection system in our body ( our own electromagnetic field) that buffers incoming signals so that our own signaling system is not affected. Our brain and heart structures are constantly emitting small EM signals through out our body. Many researchers now believe that the biological changes that occur in our body are primarily electromagnetic signals and secondarily chemical changes. Read more »

Tesla conference and Color Therapy addition

Hi Everyone,

I have really exciting news! We have added two extra days after the Albuquerque workshop for Jan van der Est from Holland. He has agreed to come and teach two days after the workshop specifically on color therapy. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on color therapy and travels throughout the world teaching. He will cover the Miracle Meridians and how they interface with color therapy and many other secrets of this amazing science.

These additional two days of training will only be for participants of the SE-5 seminar and will be offered at no extra charge.

Jan taught with me in Bali last November and it was remarkable. We have added the Color Wand hardware to the SE-5 in response to Jan’s great work with color and his wishes to integrate the SE-5 more with color. Read more »

New features and Seminar coming for the SE-5 1000

Hi Everyone,

I realize it has been a long time (once again) since I got a newsletter out. I have been working on some new projects (which will be coming to fruition very soon) and I will pass along that info as soon as I have a real time line for completion. I think everyone in this e-group will benefit from this new technology.

I have been working on several fronts at the same time. Besides developing a new line of products, I have been also working on improving the SE-5 1000.

I am very excited about our new developments. First off, I will be sending around links for new software and firmware updates in the next week or so. We have been steadily improving the software and firmware from all your valuable feedback over the last 2 years. I feel like we are very close to having a “finished” software in this generation of software. Of course with daily changes in the world of computers, I am certain there will be room to grow and expand but for now in the PC world, we are very close to the finish line.

On the hardware side, I have been working on a new upgrade for the last year or so. It has been on my mind since the very beginning of my work with the SE-5 (original SE-5) over 25 years ago. After Ilona and I first discovered the SE-5, we purchased it and had a couple of days training with Dr. Greg Morgan. The day we left his house, we wandered up the coast of California continuing on our modern day walk-about (modern, meaning a drive about) and arrived in a place called Sherman Oaks Calif. Read more »

Amazing Cut Flower Experiment

I received a very interesting video of time lapsed photography that one of our SE-5 1000 users made. In his experiment, he energized the water in one vase that the cut flowers were placed into and in the other vase he did not do anything to the water. He put them side by side and then made time lapsed photography so you can see the progression of the flowers losing their ability to remain strong and filled with life and color.

I think you will find the differences amazing! The video is only about 1 minute and 20 seconds. Please take a few moments to view the video. You might want to try this yourself!

For more information about the SE-5 1000, go to or


Bali Seminar

We will be having a 7 day SE-5 training seminar in Bali, Indonesia in October! It will be at our heavenly retreat center ( ) and will be taught in English with Chinese translation available. I will be co-teaching with Jan van der Est from Holland of the Institute of Light Therapy.

We will be exploring a whole new direction of applying the SE-5 1000. The results have been amazing! You will be learning about the Miracle Meridian and how it plays the central role in healing based on Chinese Medicine. But we will also explore the relationship between the physical body and the informational body and how similar they are. We will learn how colors can be utilized with balancing for extreme effects.

Here is a basic overview:

The class will be divided into two parts. The first part will be taught mostly by me and the second part will be taught by Jan van der Est from Holland.

Part one will be more focused on theory and practice with the SE-5 1000 for personal use (and family etc.) and part two will be more focused on using the SE-5 1000 in a clinic.

Part One:

Review of basic use of the SE-5 1000 ( and accessories)

Basic analysis and balancing procedures.

The use of Reagents (physical substances to enhance Balancing)

Compatibility of foods and vitamins (both for health and to counteract disease)

Chakras and Organs

Part Two:

Working on the physical level:

  • Food and oxygen
  • Blood and the circulatory system
  • Lymphatic fluid and the lymphatic system
  • Disturbances by microbes (viruses/bacteria/parasites/molds)
  • Disturbances by toxins
  • Disturbances by environment (a.o. electromagnetic)
  • Physical disturbances (a.o. injuries/tissue trauma)

For each area we will:

  • explain importance and role
  • use a case (from my own practice) to illustrate
  • guide them into the database to find the related tunings
  • have them measuring it using their own picture (or their neighbor�s)
  • have them balancing it.

Then we will look at how the physical is similar to the Informational, for example:

  • (physical) nutrients and oxygen gather in the blood and are distributed via blood and lymphatic vessels
  • (informational) Jing and Shen gather in the Qi and are distributed via the meridians

Questions and Answers will be mixed in throughout the seminar.

We have space for only 14 people so it will be an intimate learning experience. The cost is $2500 for the whole week including meals and housing in one of the most beautiful places on earth. It also includes several massages throughout the week. Snorkeling in the reef and relax time at the beach will be planned into the schedule. Dates are Oct. 19th – 26th, 2011.

For more information please contact me directly at

Thank you,


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