What is Scalar?

What is Scalar?

There is quite a lot of information floating around about Scalar these days and somehow it became a catch word to sell just about any type of product under the sun.

The subject of Scalar is vast and very deep and it depends on whether you are talking mathematically how it is used in physics or in the area of electro-magnetics.

The SE-5 1000 utilizes a series of Scalar coils to produce and electro-magnetic Scalar field. This is commonly called a collapsed field because we are putting two opposing electro-magnetic fields into the same space. Here is a picture of some of the Scalar coils inside of the SE-5 1000. Read more »

SE-5 1000 Update (Shipping first Unit)

Since we came back from our dolphin trip in Florida it has been full time on the SE-5 1000. I finished the DVD training for the SE-5 1000 as well as the completed version of the Instruction Manual, the Beginning Training Manual (Part one of the Biofield Research Manual) and I am well into getting the software ready in Spanish.

The software will be available in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. I have already created the Read more »

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