DNA can Teleport and New Training Course for SE-5 1000

I have some exciting news!

Science is starting to catch on! See the article below.  DNA can move through space and copy itself at a distance according to Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier. Quite a statement from current science. It turns the chemical based ideas on their head.

Naturally we have known this for decades through our research with the SE-5 1000. I will go one step further and propose that the DNA is actually using Scalar waves to propagate itself at a distance. You see, the DNA double helix is shaped EXACTLY like a Scalar coil. This allows for the collapse of the electromagnetic field and could then create such anomalies of this “spooky” action at a distance as Einstein called it.

That is part of the exciting news, but the other part is that I have been working diligently for the past several months editing an exciting new course for the SE-5 1000. I have the first part finished and since it was turning out to be such a large course, I decided to divide into two parts. (This also works out nicely because I taught the first half of the course and Jan van der Est from Holland taught the second half which is still to be edited).

The course comes with 6 DVDs of course content, 1 DVD of extras. 1 CD with programs and files, a 69 page workbook, and the book from Darius Dinshah, Let There Be Light.

This is definetely cutting edge and I think the best course in the area of health that I have ever put together. There is so much exciting material in it….

Here is a link to a demo video that I made for the new course.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no0ADulWrhY&feature=youtu.be

SE-5 1000

Here are some highlights of the course contents.

Right Hand Dial Tunings
Left Hand Dial Tunings
Reagent List (Basic 12)
Additional Reagents
Main Meridians (Front and Side)
Main Meridians (Back)
Meridian Timing
The work of Dr. Fritz Popp
Color Effects
Color  and their related Elements
Antagonistic Elements
Spectro – Chrome Chart
Using the Color Light Harmonizer
Time Scanning
Dr. Hamer  Iron Rules of Cancer
Chart of Germanic New Medicine
Programming Holograms
Tuned Geometrics
Chi Stagnation – Causes and Solutions
Using Sound and the Solfegio Frequencies

The Next Dimension DVD Course


Can Our DNA Electromagnetically ‘Teleport’ Itself? One Researcher Thinks So

DNA Teleportation Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier describes a phenomenon in which DNA emits electromagnetic signals of its own construction, “ghost DNA” that can be mistaken by enzymes as the real deal and replicated in another place. Essentially, it’s DNA teleportation. Montagnier, et al.

A Nobel prize winning scientist who shared the 2008 prize for medicine for his role in establishing the link between HIV and AIDS has stirred up a good deal of both interest and skepticism with his latest experimental results, which more or less show that DNA can teleport itself to distant cells via electromagnetic signals. If his results prove correct, they would shake up the foundations upon which modern chemistry rests. But plenty of Montagniers peers are far from convinced.

The full details of Montagniers experiments are not yet known, as his paper has not yet been accepted for publication. But he and his research partners have made a summary of his findings available. Essentially, they took two test tubes one containing a fragment of DNA about 100 bases long, another containing pure water and isolated them in a chamber that muted the earths natural electromagnetic field to keep it from muddying the results. The test tubes were housed within a copper coil emanating a weak electromagnetic field.

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Several hours later, the contents of both test tubes were put through polymerase chain reactions to identify any remnants of DNA a process that subjected the contents to enzymes that would make copies of any DNA fragments they found. According to Montagnier, the DNA was recovered from both tubes even though the second should have only contained water.

Montagnier and his team say this suggests DNA emits its own electromagnetic signals that imprint the DNAs structure on other molecules (like water). Ostensibly this means DNA can project itself from one cell to the next, where copies could be made something like quantum teleportation of genetic material, a notion that is spooky on multiple levels.

Naturally, there is plenty of skepticism to go around regarding these findings, ranging from outright dismissal to measured doubt. Indeed, its a pretty radical notion: DNA replicating itself through ghost imprints rather than the usual cellular processes. More details will emerge when the paper is published in a peer-reviewed journal, as it is likely to be. The findings will then have to be repeated in multiple independent studies to be considered valid, something that will take some time. In the meantime, expect these findings to draw equal parts intrigue and skeptical scrutiny.

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