Hi Everyone,

I just returned a few days ago from a very exciting journey to China! This is a bit longer newsletter than usual, but I think you will find the time spent reading to be very enlightening as well as interesting!

When I first got the invitation to go to China last February, I was hesitant. We have friends that are professional dancers that had been to Bejing (the goal of my travel) to perform there. The hotel was next to the performance hall and they had told us that by just walking through a courtyard from one building to the other caused a lot of distress from the bad air there.

The purpose of my trip was to scan about 250 ancient Chinese herbal remedies and convert the herbals to SE-5 1000 digital Tunings. Since many of these remedies and formulas are not available any more, either because the people that created them died with the secret formula or because many of the ingredients are now illegal (like tiger bone for example), they wanted to create a digital imprint of the remedies so that we could put the IDF pattern of the remedies into water or other substances (basically like making a homeopathic remedy from them)

By creating a Tuning for each of the remedies, we can store the information in a computer and use it any time in the future to create the IDF imprint of the remedy.

I tried to convince my clients to bring the remedies to Bali to our retreat center and we could work in a clean environment and enjoy the sun and ocean. After some more discussion, we realized that it would be impossible to get all the herbs through customs.

So after much consternation, I decided to make the trip to China.

When I arrived, the air was very thick (although they said it was not such a bad day). Here are some pictures.


This was from my hotel room. And even though the buildings are not very far away, it is difficult to see them.

Here are some more…


I tried to zoom in to get a shot of a small temple on top of the hill outside the office we were working in.


Even when driving in the car, I needed a mask.
After the first day I decided that something had to change. I wasn’t sure I would survive a week in Bejing. So I made a small program in the SE-5 1000 to help eliminate the pollution in the air. Next morning I awoke to a different city.


The above picture is from my hotel window as in the first photo on day 2.

When we met with our group the next day they commented on the weather, so I did let them in on my secret. Of course they wanted to know how I did it, so I shared my simple program with them (so they could keep balancing after I left).

Here is the entrance of the China SE-5 1000 Research Institute.


The first day I gave a lecture and explained to an interested group of people what the background and theory behind the SE-5 1000 is. This turned out to be a mixed blessing. The primary Chinese Doctor that had supplied many of the rare remedies had been quite reluctant to try this method and had openly expressed his resistance to the group. But after hearing my lecture, he had a new perspective and decided to bring about 250 MORE remedies to be scanned. By the end, we scanned over 500 remedies.

This required a LOT of prepartion. Most of the herbs needed to be cooked for a long period of time to unlock their magic in the herbs.


The above picture is a small sample of some of the remedies.

For testing, we had to put the liquids into specially “cleared” glass to measure them properly. We created an assembly line to have each person doing one part of the process, from bringing the remedies from the kitchen, to preparing the sample, then I would scan the remedy and next test it to make sure it was scanned correctly. As a back up, one person sat behind and logged each remedy by hand in a notebook, just in case of computer failure.

working 1


Eventually my assitant would double check my work and make sure all the Tuning numbers were correct.

Generally we spent about 6-8 hours a day scanning with some breaks for food and massage. They had a special room upstairs with 6 massage tables in which the offer free massages to the neighborhood people. I took advantage of it as much as I could also!



The weather seemed to be holding so we kept running the anti-pollution program running each night.


We could even see the small temple on top of the hill now. This is the same hill as in the picture at the beginning of the blog.

We did get out on the 4th day and went to the Summer Palace.



We even had a nice sunset! Normally the sun looks like the moon in the middle of the day and sunsets don’t exist.



Day 4 above, day 5 below (early morning)


After I left China, I asked them to keep sending me pictures of the sky to see how long the clear air could hold up. So far we are at day 9 and still going. My goal was for one week because the normal record for clear air (which normally only happens in the summer), is about 3 days.


Day 6 above.


Day 7 above.


Day 8 above.


Day 9 above.

They have been working on an agricultural project for the last several years using the Quantum Space Equalizer (Q.S.E.) which is the upgraded level of the SE-5 1000 in China.

You can see the results here. https://se-5.com/clrplt001.htm

All in all, after a tremendous amount of work, we finished archiving over 500 remedies. It felt very satisfying and everyone in the group was super happy. Here is about half of the group that worked on the project. By the end we really felt like one big SE-5 1000 family.


Don Paris

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