Probability Waves

We are steadily progressing on the SE-5 1000 so  not too much news on that side. Today I want to focus more on theoretical understanding. The topic is Probability Waves.

I personally like to regard a probability wave as a real thing, certainly as more than a tool for mathematical calculations. … how could we rely on probability predictions if we do not refer to something real and objective?
(Max Born on Quantum Theory)

I agree with Max whole heartedly. Actually it is very easy to observe probability waves in your own life.  If you look forward to tomorrow in your own life, you can predict with quite accurate results, which events what will probably happen. If you think about two days in the future you could also predict with confidence many of the events that will take place. As you get further away from the NOW point however, the less accuracy you will have.

Contrast this from the other end which is possibilities. Anything is possible. This is universal law. There isn’t anything that simply cannot happen. There are many, many things that probably will not happen, but realistically nothing is impossible. But the further away you get from the probability wave, the less likely it is to happen.

For example, it is possible that you could make extra terrestrial contact in your kitchen tomorrow because a space craft would fly through your open window and land on your table.

But it is probable that you will get out of bed tomorrow and brush your teeth.

These are extreme examples on both ends.

By using the SE-5, you are able to “Tune” into Probability Waves much more readily. In fact it is my belief that the SE-5 is working solely on Probability Wave functions. Since we are not measuring anything physical (Intrinsic Data Fields do not have a physical form), the best we can do is pinpoint their probability of manifesting. Likewise when we switch into the balance mode, we are enhancing, not the physical form, but the probability of change that will occur in the form.

The point of this is simple. If you want to be extraordinarily successful with the SE-5, focus on the probabilities that are present in the field. Don’t shoot for pie in the sky results (at first) because you could become discouraged.

Part of this has to do with self concept and belief. If one has a limited self concept of themselves and believe that the universe cannot be changed (at a subconscious level) it is quite probable they will be drawn to working with possibilities instead of working with probabilities.

The results are far less spectacular when you try to balance a possibility. You might see come change, but if you work on probabilities, you will be looked upon as a genius. You will seem like a miracle worker to others when the real trick is, you know what is coming and amplify that instead of putting your energy into things that will most likely “not happen” in case of a possibility.

Success builds on success. So when you become confident in your ability to bring about a probable outcome, you can stretch out further and begin to touch on the edge of possibility/probability.

I will post this on my blog at and I would love to read some of your comments. I hope this helps you to understand more clearly why sometimes it seems the SE-5 is working miracles and why it doesn’t seem to work at all at other times.

Till next time,

Don Paris
Quantum Shaman

  • By k∆rl, July 1, 2009 @ 7:10 pm

    Thank you, Don
    This makes a lot of sense.
    I am always checking for probabilities and the results are great.
    It’s about going with the flow, really.
    Sending Love,

  • By Jim and Mary Laws, July 4, 2009 @ 8:05 pm

    Hello Don,
    Jim and I together just read your blog on the”probability waves”. In our way of processing you nailed it right on the proverbial head. This is the way we have always operated. It is good to have another’s words so that we can share our approach to living in a way that can be accepted by others.
    Thank you for your thoughts and wisdom.
    Jim and Mary

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