Bali Seminar

We will be having a 7 day SE-5 training seminar in Bali, Indonesia in October! It will be at our heavenly retreat center ( ) and will be taught in English with Chinese translation available. I will be co-teaching with Jan van der Est from Holland of the Institute of Light Therapy.

We will be exploring a whole new direction of applying the SE-5 1000. The results have been amazing! You will be learning about the Miracle Meridian and how it plays the central role in healing based on Chinese Medicine. But we will also explore the relationship between the physical body and the informational body and how similar they are. We will learn how colors can be utilized with balancing for extreme effects.

Here is a basic overview:

The class will be divided into two parts. The first part will be taught mostly by me and the second part will be taught by Jan van der Est from Holland.

Part one will be more focused on theory and practice with the SE-5 1000 for personal use (and family etc.) and part two will be more focused on using the SE-5 1000 in a clinic.

Part One:

Review of basic use of the SE-5 1000 ( and accessories)

Basic analysis and balancing procedures.

The use of Reagents (physical substances to enhance Balancing)

Compatibility of foods and vitamins (both for health and to counteract disease)

Chakras and Organs

Part Two:

Working on the physical level:

  • Food and oxygen
  • Blood and the circulatory system
  • Lymphatic fluid and the lymphatic system
  • Disturbances by microbes (viruses/bacteria/parasites/molds)
  • Disturbances by toxins
  • Disturbances by environment (a.o. electromagnetic)
  • Physical disturbances (a.o. injuries/tissue trauma)

For each area we will:

  • explain importance and role
  • use a case (from my own practice) to illustrate
  • guide them into the database to find the related tunings
  • have them measuring it using their own picture (or their neighbor�s)
  • have them balancing it.

Then we will look at how the physical is similar to the Informational, for example:

  • (physical) nutrients and oxygen gather in the blood and are distributed via blood and lymphatic vessels
  • (informational) Jing and Shen gather in the Qi and are distributed via the meridians

Questions and Answers will be mixed in throughout the seminar.

We have space for only 14 people so it will be an intimate learning experience. The cost is $2500 for the whole week including meals and housing in one of the most beautiful places on earth. It also includes several massages throughout the week. Snorkeling in the reef and relax time at the beach will be planned into the schedule. Dates are Oct. 19th – 26th, 2011.

For more information please contact me directly at

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