Tesla conference and Color Therapy addition

Hi Everyone,

I have really exciting news! We have added two extra days after the Albuquerque workshop for Jan van der Est from Holland. He has agreed to come and teach two days after the workshop specifically on color therapy. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on color therapy and travels throughout the world teaching. He will cover the Miracle Meridians and how they interface with color therapy and many other secrets of this amazing science.

These additional two days of training will only be for participants of the SE-5 seminar and will be offered at no extra charge.

Jan taught with me in Bali last November and it was remarkable. We have added the Color Wand hardware to the SE-5 in response to Jan’s great work with color and his wishes to integrate the SE-5 more with color.

Cost will be $975.00 for the four day course plus the two day extension and the upgrade for the Color Wand is yet to be determined but will be about $500 more or less.
Please click here to register for the class part only. We will work out the details of the upgrade once I have a better idea of the cost.


Below is a bit of information about Jan and his work.

Also I want to let you know that the following weekend after the SE-5 1000 Seminar will be the Nicola Tesla conference (Oh now you know why I created the seminar on these dates in Albuquerque ;-).)
I am planning to attend the conference and find any advancements in this area of technology. The world’s foremost expert on Scalar Electromagnetics, Dr. Constantine Meyl will be there and speaking. He is a professor from Germany. http://www.meyl.eu/go/index.php?dir=10_Home&page=1&sublevel=0

Here is a link to the conference. http://teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm

So if you have the time, you can spend about 10-12 days in Albuquerque (for the SE-5 seminar and Color Therapy workshop and Tesla conference) and fill you mind with the latest and greatest of the world’s leading edge of technology.

See you there!


Jan van der Est


Jan van der Est (1956) is a Samassati Colorlight therapist and with his wife Wilma Guldenaar founder of the European Institute for Light Therapy.

Originally a body worker Jan uses colorlight on the energy portals of the body-mind system. He teaches the basic and therapist modules of Samassati Colorlight therapy in both Dutch and English.

Jan operates from his practice facility in Holland and can be reached at 0031 181 628 992 (phone) or via jan@garden-of-light.info (e-mail).

Measuring the Effects of Light Treatments

In all my years of treating clients with light there has always been a strong longing to be able to measure the effect of a light treatment.

In many cases I see what it does and in other cases my clients report how the treatment affected them. For other clients the effects of the light treatment remain unnoticed: there is no felt sensation while undergoing the treatment nor is there any noticeable effect afterwards.

I have seen clients come in with a headache, bothering them for several days. When asked during their follow-up session how the headache evolved, they are surprised. They woke up the next morning without the headache, but never noticed the difference until I asked them about it!

And in a way that is fortunate: it enables my clients to carry on with their lives as if nothing happened.

But: in many cases there is no link made to the light treatments they received.

The effects of a light treatment can be profound, but how can it be acknowledged if there is no awareness of it?

For almost a year now I have been working with the SE-5 (an instrument interfacing with subtle-energy “Intrinsic Data Fields”) and among many other things it is capable of measuring what a light treatment does by simply measuring the quality of the meridians or individual organs just before the light treatment and directly after.

I will show results hereof during the workshop and demonstrate how it works on volunteers.

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