Five Day SE-5 Training in June 2011

A Five Day SE-5 Seminar in

Albuquerque New Mexico with Dr. Frank Wyatt

Dr. Frank Wyatt and Don Paris Ph.D.

Dr. Frank Wyatt and Don Paris Ph.D.

Dr. Frank Wyatt has been working directly with clients for the last 16 years with the SE-5. His work has produces amazing results on all levels of health and well being.

Dr. Wyatt has 15 SE-5s in his clinic which are used full time on himself and his clients. Dr. Wyatt has been teaching health related seminars and workshops for the past 18 years. He has a weekly radio show devoted to alternative health. He has his own health food store and many products that he has designed himself, many of which he has created with the SE-5.

My personal experiences with Dr. Wyatt have been no less than miraculous. After suffering from migraine headaches for more than 20 years ( once a week for 1-3 days) Dr. Frank told me that it would be no problem to get rid of them with the SE-5. Read more »

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