SE-5 1000 Update

Dear SE-5 users and friends,

I have a lot of very interesting news. First of all I want to thank everyone for your votes on the color. The results were very interesting. At first I had a 100% return for the gray model. I was about to give up on the white (even though I like the white the best) but then all the next emails all voted for the white!

The most common comment was that people thought the white would get dirty. After working with the white for some time, I don’t think that keeping it clean will be an issue. The plastic enclosure is rugged and doesn’t seem to pick up dirt. It is also very appears very easy to clean in the case of grime buildup. So my vote is for white but the gray also looks very professional.

In the end it was just about 50/50. It will be interesting to see which ones go out the door faster…

New Website:

I have a new website devoted just to the SE-5 1000. It has a lot of new information and also some that you might have already seen on
This site has two parts to it…

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