Hi Everyone,

I just returned a few days ago from a very exciting journey to China! This is a bit longer newsletter than usual, but I think you will find the time spent reading to be very enlightening as well as interesting!

When I first got the invitation to go to China last February, I was hesitant. We have friends that are professional dancers that had been to Bejing (the goal of my travel) to perform there. The hotel was next to the performance hall and they had told us that by just walking through a courtyard from one building to the other caused a lot of distress from the bad air there.

The purpose of my trip was to scan about 250 ancient Chinese herbal remedies and convert the herbals to SE-5 1000 digital Tunings. Since many of these remedies and formulas are not available any more, either because the people that created them died with the secret formula or because many of the ingredients are now illegal (like tiger bone for example), they wanted to create a digital imprint of the remedies so that we could put the IDF pattern of the remedies into water or other substances (basically like making a homeopathic remedy from them)

By creating a Tuning for each of the remedies, we can store the information in a computer and use it any time in the future to create the IDF imprint of the remedy.

I tried to convince my clients to bring the remedies to Bali to our retreat center and we could work in a clean environment and enjoy the sun and ocean. After some more discussion, we realized that it would be impossible to get all the herbs through customs.

So after much consternation, I decided to make the trip to China. Read more »

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