Picture of SE-5 1000

Se-5 1000 Legend of unit

Se-5 1000 Legend of unit

Photons, Digital Photos and IDFs

I have received numerous questions about the use of digital photographs and the SE-5 1000. I will try to answer these questions in an understandable fashion.

The purpose of the digital photo in the SE-5 1000 software is so that you don’t have to print it out unless you want to.

The whole digital process relies on the transmission of informational fields through crystals.

Here is the basic process:

Photons bounce off of the subject (either through natural light or the flash) and by interacting with the subject’s energy field (some say light body) the photons adapt and change to the characteristics of the subject’s IDF patterns. The photons actually change frequency as well. That is why when they enter the lens of the camera, they encode the different colors. They vibrate slower or faster depending on the color (frequency) they have just interacted with.

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Food Compatibility

There has been much said about food reactions but mostly it has been looked at from a negative point of view in terms of food allergies. But what about the positive aspect foods that are compatible with us? This has been covered somewhat in the book Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. D’Adamo.

This idea is very good for people that do not have a way to test the foods directly. At least it gives an outline of what will generally be good for you. But every person is different. I am blood type O neg. According to the blood type theory I should be eating meat (Hunters and Gatherers). I have been vegetarian most of my life and now that I am in my mid 50s, I can see it really paying off. Most of the people in my age range that have eaten meat look and feel much older. I still feel like I am in my mid 20s (at least most days :) .

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What is Scalar Part #2

What can we do with Scalar fields.

Scalar electromagnetic fields can be used for many purposes. In most cases however, the prevailing electromagnetic theories prevail and scalar technology is either not recognized or not allowed.

Here are a few areas that Scalar fields have been used successfully.

Free Energy
Anti Gravity
Communications (underground and underwater)
wireless transmission of electricity
reprogramming of materials (homeopathy)
sending IDFs at a distance (Radionics)

The late Dr. Bob Beck was a very good friend of mine and told me many amazing stories in his research with scalar fields. In one experiment, he was invited by the military to a bunker that was many stories deep under the earth. It was called a “quiet room” because it was completely shielded from any type of electromagnetic signal coming in or going out of this room. It was a highly classified room and only special people were allowed in.
Bob Beck

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