SE-5 1000 Update

Dear SE-5 users and friends,

I have a lot of very interesting news. First of all I want to thank everyone for your votes on the color. The results were very interesting. At first I had a 100% return for the gray model. I was about to give up on the white (even though I like the white the best) but then all the next emails all voted for the white!

The most common comment was that people thought the white would get dirty. After working with the white for some time, I don’t think that keeping it clean will be an issue. The plastic enclosure is rugged and doesn’t seem to pick up dirt. It is also very appears very easy to clean in the case of grime buildup. So my vote is for white but the gray also looks very professional.

In the end it was just about 50/50. It will be interesting to see which ones go out the door faster…

New Website:

I have a new website devoted just to the SE-5 1000. It has a lot of new information and also some that you might have already seen on
This site has two parts to it…

Part one is a public site with lots of information about the SE-5 1000 and Radionics in general. This will grow over time. There is even a rare picture of the inventor of the SE-5 (Dr. Willard Frank) in there somewhere. See if you can find it.

Part two is private only for SE-5 1000 owners. This side of the site will feature a private Blog where you can write what you feel and share your experiences.
There is also an upload / download section for new colors/sounds/geometrics/videos for the new SE-51000 software. This will be a place where you can share your favorite power images/sounds etc. as well as get new ones.

There will also be a section for new program downloads/uploads. If you have developed a potent new program and want others to test / use it, you will be able to post it in this section.

There will also be an update section for updates to the SE-5 1000 software and firmware if the need arises for an update.

The new website is (of course :) ).

The site will still be active and have my free book and purchase information etc. on it.

For those of you that are already SE-5 owners and users or just curious, I have also made a public Blog in which this newsletter will be the very first posting.
You can leave comments on the Blog as well. This is an open forum for anyone so in this Blog, please watch how you write and do not make any claims or use words like diagnose and treat or treatment (because that is not what we do with the SE-5).

The link for the public SE-5 Blog is

Now an update on the SE-5 1000:

Every day is a new adventure! We have most of the bugs worked out (in software development they call it debugging) and yes, the Agricultural program seems to be working well even for software bugs!

It looks like my engineer will release the Main circuit board for production on Monday. There are two circuit boards in the SE-5 1000. The Main Board is very complex and has the Scalar coils and Scalar amplifiers on it as well as all computer processor for your Custom Programs and the Main Programs. Here are some pictures:


The rub plate antenna is the same as in the SE-5 and SE-5 plus. In the SE-5 plus there is an added layer of a geometric pattern that lays over the top of the 3 stars. The SE-5 1000 will also utilize these patterns.

The second circuit board is where the USB interface chip is as well as the power supply for the Electro Luminescent Output cable. The output cable needs about 200 volts for it to “light up” so it needs its own power supply that changes the 9 volt battery to 200 volts!

Needless to say, I do not recommend putting the EL cable into your gas tank like we did with the SE-5 and SE-5 plus. Since this cable is “live” there could be a possibility of explosion. That is not to say you cannot improve your gas mileage. There are many other ways to accomplish the same thing. I never did like the idea of getting gas on my output cable anyway….yuk.

We still need to make a couple of changes on the back circuit board because I wanted the SE-5 1000 to be powered by the USB port on your computer. So as soon as you plug into your USB port, your battery gets the day off…

You will still be able to use a wall plug as well if you are running long hours in Stand Alone Mode, but for the most part the USB will power your SE-5 1000.

That is about it for today… but check back on the Blog for comments and more info. I will keep you posted as we go along.


Don Paris

  • By Leann Parker, August 30, 2009 @ 5:47 pm

    I’ve been playing with my new toy, the SE5-1000 the past few days. I have used the older models of the SE-5’s for 22 years now, and I have to say that the new SE-5-1000 operates like a sports car in comparison. The stick plate is very fast and responsive. There is no doubt as to where the stick is. That is something that I had trouble with the older models is not being sure of where that stick was. Also, with the older models, in the couple of decades I’ve used them I NEVER got over a 10 point rise (on the 100 point scale) in the General Vitality – no matter what I did. Yesterday after doing just a basic balance with my new instrument my General Vitality raised 40 points. I was shocked and thrilled to say the least. I’m lov’n the fast, responsive, powerful instrument you’ve created for us. Thank you so much. The SE5-1000 is a huge leap forward in Radionics. Gotta go…..take another test drive around the block!! I’m looking forward to learning and growing with you.

    With much gratitude for what you’ve already done for me,


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