SE-5 1000 Workstation

Hi Everyone,

I realize my last newsletter was very long, so this time I made a very short one :-) .

I had several people asking questions about how the SE-5 Workstation works and if each Balancing Only Instrument really comes with a laptop computer, so I thought the best way to answer was to show everyone how it works.

And YES, each Balancing Only Instrument comes WITH a laptop computer. We set up the software for you to be ready to go when you open the box and turn it on.

I made a short video about the new SE-5 1000 Workstation.

you tube

If you haven’t been to the website for awhile, you might want to check it out. I completely revamped the website mostly because it didn’t look good on smart phones, androids and Ipads. But it was time to really update it and add some new info as well.

Enjoy the movie… (the popcorn will be sent via the SE-5…

Remote, let me know how you like it)


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