SE-5 1000 Update (Shipping first Unit)

Since we came back from our dolphin trip in Florida it has been full time on the SE-5 1000. I finished the DVD training for the SE-5 1000 as well as the completed version of the Instruction Manual, the Beginning Training Manual (Part one of the Biofield Research Manual) and I am well into getting the software ready in Spanish.

The software will be available in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. I have already created the software in all 5 languages and I have the help files, (complete with screen shots) finished in English, German and French. I am about 3/4 through Portuguese and about 1/4 through Spanish.

I have uploaded the entire Beginning Training DVD on to It is about an hour and 40 minutes long and will give you a very clear idea of what you can do with the SE-5 1000 and how the software works together with it. The video is only in English… sorry.

So when you have some time to really watch the training, you can go to

In the meantime I have also completed a new website for our spa in Ubud Bali. The site is very beautiful and gives you a good feeling (although the massages are much better than the website).

So now for the Good NEWS!!!

We will be shipping our first SE-5 1000 on Tuesday!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of Beth (our office angel) getting ready to ship SE-5s.

Shipping SE-5 1000

We are planning to ship a few more at the end of the week. Then hopefully get some more out the following week. After that we will have full production runs available in about 4 weeks. This has been a very exciting adventure!

I have to say that the SE-5 1000 is turning out much much better than I had even imagined it would. I have been using mine for over a month now, and even when it wasn’t fully done it was totally amazing. Now that everything is working it is truly a dream machine. It is everyone’s wish list all rolled together into one.

I found some really awesome software that will allow me to do online demonstrations live so you can see what I am doing, both on my computer screen and also with the Se-5 1000 as well as hear me talk. You will be able to ask questions as the live demo happens in real time. I will be able to have 8 people join me at a time. If you are interested, please email me and I will start putting together a schedule and contact you. Also please include your time zone and what time of day is best for you.

Until next time….


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