What is Scalar?

What is Scalar?

There is quite a lot of information floating around about Scalar these days and somehow it became a catch word to sell just about any type of product under the sun.

The subject of Scalar is vast and very deep and it depends on whether you are talking mathematically how it is used in physics or in the area of electro-magnetics.

The SE-5 1000 utilizes a series of Scalar coils to produce and electro-magnetic Scalar field. This is commonly called a collapsed field because we are putting two opposing electro-magnetic fields into the same space. Here is a picture of some of the Scalar coils inside of the SE-5 1000.

A scalar field is produced electronically by winding a coil of wire in one direction and then winding it back on itself in the other direction. So as one part of a wave -form is moving up through one coil,¬† another part of the wave-form is moving down through the other coil. This collapses the electro-magnetic field, but doubles the Scalar component (mathematically) and produces our magic. In this state of “no energy” we have produced a small anomaly in the time/space fabric and it allows us to send information to a distant location (target) by bypassing the normal means of traveling through time/space.

A simple example of creating a Scalar field is an experiment you can do yourself. Place the palms of your hands together. Now press equally strongly with both of your left and right hands. Next release the pressure equally on both of your left and right hands. Repeat this process several times.

This is basically what we are doing electronically with an electro-magnetic wave.

Under normal circumstances, we would send electrons in one direction at a time to produce some kind of effect at the other end (like light up a light bulb). Or we might send the electrons first in one direction and then the other direction to produce a frequency (think radio).

If we applied this to your hands, you would first press with only your right hand and then as you release the pressure with that hand you would then press with your left hand. This would produce movement back and forth (frequency). Depending on how quickly you would press and release, that would determine the frequency. (think Rock Station or Country Western).

But when you press both at the same time and release at the same time, you get no movement what so ever. (think Scalar).

This is exactly what happens when we do this electronically. And when there is no movement, there is no measurable electric nor magnetic energy to speak of. So what is the point if nothing is happening?

The point is that, even though there isn’t any movement, there is “pressure”. (which you felt when you did the experiment.) In electronics we don’t have a way to measure the pressure on time/space but we know it exists because of the anomalies that it produces.

Maxwell described this in his mathematical equations for electro-magnetism, but because it was so difficult to work with mathematically and also because it didn’t seem to have any use (no movement of electrons = nothing is happening) the scientific community¬† took that part of the equation out and threw it away. (It was so kind of them to wait until after he died to mess with his divine inspirations).

So in today’s school of electricity and magnetics, it is not taught nor mentioned. But the problem arises when, for example, electronic instruments are tested by themselves but not in the company of other electronic instruments and when you get several together, strange things happen. For example during Desert Storm, the air force was about to do a rescue mission and got all of their latest technologies together in one place (which had never happened before) and everything went haywire. The planes couldn’t take off or land, the radar was making up ghosts and the entire mission never got off the ground (literally).

It took an old school genius (Tom Bearden) to figure out why everything went defunct. Besides being a nuclear physicist, Tom is also an expert in Scalar electro-magnetics. He was able to show them where they went wrong in their calculations by adding back in the missing part of Maxwell’s formula. I sometimes think of the Beatles song Maxwell’s Silver Hammer when I think about them taking out that part of the formula. It hurts when it comes back down on their heads.

Next question is of course, What can we do with Scalar fields. I will cover that subject soon.


  • By Anne, August 29, 2009 @ 9:12 am

    Thank you so much for the scientific explanations. I ran upon radionics twentyish years ago when a non-computerized unit kind of “fell in my lap”, so to speak. And, while my “right brain” was satisfied with the intuitive understanding of the unit, until coming upon your website, my “left brain” had been quite unsatisfied with the field of radionics/radiesthia. I sincerely appreciate the balance you’ve provided my ever inquiring mind.

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