I was very happy with all  your feedback about my last article on Scalar, thank you.

After we shipped out our first four SE-5 1000 units I was of course excited to see what  the response would be.

Here is a letter I got today about using the SE-5 1000.

I’ve been playing with my new toy, the SE5-1000 the past few days.
I  have used the older models of the SE-5’s for 22 years now, and I have to say that the new SE-5-1000 operates like a sports car in comparison.  The stick plate is very fast and responsive.  There is  no doubt as to where the stick is.  That is something that I had  trouble with the older models is not being sure of where that stick  was.  Also, with the older models, in the couple of decades I’ve used  them I NEVER got over a 10 point rise (on the 100 point scale) in the  General Vitality – no matter what I did.  Yesterday after doing just  a basic balance with my new instrument my General Vitality raised 40 points.  I was shocked and thrilled to say the least.  I’m lov’n the  fast, responsive, powerful instrument you’ve created for us.  Thank  you so much.  The SE5-1000 is a huge leap forward in Radionics. Gotta go…..take another test drive around the block!!  I’m looking forward to learning and growing with you.

With much gratitude for what you’ve already done for me,


Now for a personal testimonial with the SE-5 1000.

We had planted a lot of new flowering bushes this year and one of the hydrangea plants didn’t transplant very well. Every day I would go out ot water,  it just looked worse and worse. Ilona thought it wasn’t getting enough water, but I watered it almost every day. Also I checked before I watered and the soil
was still quite moist. So after about a week of this, one night I got the bright idea “Why don’t I put it in the SE-5 1000″?

I went inside and got my camera and here is the picture I took.

As you can see it is very limp and the life force was weak.

I ran it on the Agricultural Alignment program in the evening. The next day I was shocked when I went outside to have a look. Here is how it looked.

I have seen rapid results like this with clients, but this amazed me to see a plant change like this overnight. One thing I like about experimenting with plants is that you can rule out any placebo effect! Plants have a magic all their own.

We shipped out a bunch more SE-5 1000s today. These were all hand built and we are only about 3 weeks away from our production units. So we will be able to fulfill all of your orders in the next 3-4 weeks. The circuit boards are being mass produced and the machine that inserts the parts is amazing to watch. Here is a 1 minute video of the machine that will be mass producing our circuit boards


Some of you may have an email program that will allow you to see the video right in your email so here is a player for you.

In my next newsletter, I have very exciting news about a well kept secret. Ilona and I have been using this product for over a year now (see how secret it is) and I will give you all the info in the next mail. Don’t worry, I won’t keep you waiting very long).

Until then,

Don Paris

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