Color and Holograms

I talked with my engineer today and he has all of the circuit boards in his hands for the SE-5 1000!!!

The next step is to test each one and make sure it is working perfectly and then we will be ready to ship the SE-5 1000. We figure they should go out next week sometime.

Tomorrow Ilona and I fly off to Germany. This weekend we will be at a Radionic seminar where my business partner will be introducing the new SE-5 1000. It has been a very productive summer and it seems like it has flown by.

I have been doing some testing with different colors for the output cable. Since it is electro- luminescent cable and available in different colors, I got the idea that we could use a different color for each Chakra while balancing. I did a complete Chakra balancing on myself balancing each Chakra with the appropriate color. The results were fabulous. I don’t have a way to show you with images, but I felt really ecstatic afterwards.

This can also apply to different energy layers around whatever you are balancing, for example food. Just as we have different Chakras and subtle bodies (Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental, Soul) all living things have several energy layers as well. An apple doesn’t have a mental body like we do, but it does have an Astral and Causal (seed body) and some people believe that Soul will take any form in its evolutionary journey. So for example, you can use the Red output cable to address the Physical energy of the apple and Orange and Yellow to focus on the Astral levels.

Darius Dinshah did amazing research into color therapy in the 20s and 30s. Colors are actually different frequencies that our brain percieves as colors. Just as a low bass note will have a different effect on us (make us want to dance) than a piccalo, (make us hold our ears unless the person really knows how to play it well :) , different colors have a dramatic effect on our body and mind.

Here are some pictures of the output cables in different colors.
SE-5 1000 output cables

SE-5 1000 output cables

Another way to apply color is through the acupuncture points and meridians. I have found an excellent product that uses holograms with multi-layered frequencies that you can put right on the acupuncture point. Depending on the point you choose and the hologram, you can use them to enhance sleep, give you more energy, improve your sports performance and even lose weight.


They have an excellent short film on the front page of the website. Definitely check it out. The company is very forward thinking and understands the benefits of the biofield. They have asked me to do some testing of their products and as soon as I get settled again I will be doing some research with the SE-5 1000 on the holograms. I will send the results in one of my newsletters.  Here is a picture of one of the Holograms in 2 D.


I have used the sleep hologram several times and I must say it is the first time I have slept 8 hours straight all summer. (maybe it was good I didn’t find them sooner as I probably would not have gotten the SE-5 1000 finished before I was leaving for Europe :) .

Anyway they are awesome and I definitely recommend checking out their site and the film.

Click the image to go the website

sleep hologram

OK, I am off to bed and off to Europe tomorrow…..

Until next time,

Don Paris

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