What is Scalar Part #2

What can we do with Scalar fields.

Scalar electromagnetic fields can be used for many purposes. In most cases however, the prevailing electromagnetic theories prevail and scalar technology is either not recognized or not allowed.

Here are a few areas that Scalar fields have been used successfully.

Free Energy
Anti Gravity
Communications (underground and underwater)
wireless transmission of electricity
reprogramming of materials (homeopathy)
sending IDFs at a distance (Radionics)

The late Dr. Bob Beck was a very good friend of mine and told me many amazing stories in his research with scalar fields. In one experiment, he was invited by the military to a bunker that was many stories deep under the earth. It was called a “quiet room” because it was completely shielded from any type of electromagnetic signal coming in or going out of this room. It was a highly classified room and only special people were allowed in.
Bob Beck

Bob had told them that he had a way of getting a signal outside of the “quiet room” and they did not believe him. So they invited him down so they could prove him wrong. He had made a small scalar device that fit in his shirt pocket and he turned it on and sent a pulsed message from his small device. Within minutes the RED phone rang loudly and the person that answered had a very worried look on his face. They had picked up Bob’s signal on the surface outside of the room. They were obviously not happy with the results.

This is just another example of not understanding the theory Bob would say. If they had left Maxwell’s theory intact, we would be living in a very different world.

Bob was also on a board of scientists that were asked to figure out where the strange and powerful signals were coming from that appeared over Eugene Oregon many years ago. They had very strong (10,000 watt) signals appearing in mid air from no apparent source. They discovered it was coming from Russian scalar devices. They were experimenting with scalar weaponry long before the US.

Another friend of mine, the late Eldon Byrd worked for many years helping the military develop very terrible weapons based on this technology. He was so relieved when the administration changed and they decided to abandon the entire project. He was delighted to throw all of his many years of research into the trash. He also worked on communication technology that would transmit signals through a mountain and underwater, using scalar waves.

Nicola Tesla, a big fan of Maxwell, experimented with many different types of scalar coils. He was able to send electricity at a distance without any wires at all! In the process of building a huge power generator that would allow people anywhere on the earth to put an antenna into the earth and draw out electricity, the powers that be (at that time, JP Morgan) pulled the plug on his development and went forward stringing electrical lines across the country side with a meter attached to each house and now we pay for every electron of electricity that we use (unless of course you make your own from the sun or other means). By the way, in case you haven’t heard, Nicola Tesla was awarded the invention of the Radio. You probably learned that the radio was invented by Marconi, but as it turns out, Marconi had worked for Tesla and went off with a bunch of papers that had Tesla’s designs on them and then later claimed them for his own…. It took many years after Tesla died before they straightened out the record.

Dr. Meyl in Germany is teaching scalar electro-magnetics at a university and has working models that you can build yourself whereby you can transmit both electricity and information without wires. There is talk that Nokia is working with him to develop a cell phone that will charge the battery from the phone signal!!! Scalar electro-magnetics in action. He also helped design a scalar coil that allows for transmission of a signal without any batteries. For example in products in a store, you will find a coil that looks very similar to our scalar coil in the SE-5 1000. This emits a signal that can be picked up by the detectors as you walk out of the store.

I have only hearsay evidence of changing gravity with scalar electro-magnetics, but I have heard it from many different sources over the years including Dr. Willard Frank. He had told me that he had actually seen instruments float up to the ceiling.

The scalars coils in the SE-5 1000 are very small and produce a very positive field effect that allows us to target information at a distance. It does not rely on the power of the scalar wave, but more on the anomaly of collapsing the wave and inserting information into the zero point. It is a little like going through a black hole. A black hole is the physical manifestation of the zero point. Stephen Hawkin has said that the only thing that will survive going through a black hole, is information. The studies done at the Institute for Resonance Therapy with the SE-5 show that a plant connected to an EEG device many miles away will know exactly when the SE-5 is put into balance mode and information is being sent to the plant. I have detailed that experiment in my book Regaining Wholeness through the Subtle Dimensions. (you can get it for free on www.se-5.com)

I also give much more detailed information in my book about the scalar theory and mechanics. It is also a very entertaining read….

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  • By EJ Truth, March 14, 2010 @ 10:46 am

    nice post! will Fifi work with Scalar fields?

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