Food Compatibility

There has been much said about food reactions but mostly it has been looked at from a negative point of view in terms of food allergies. But what about the positive aspect foods that are compatible with us? This has been covered somewhat in the book Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. D’Adamo.

This idea is very good for people that do not have a way to test the foods directly. At least it gives an outline of what will generally be good for you. But every person is different. I am blood type O neg. According to the blood type theory I should be eating meat (Hunters and Gatherers). I have been vegetarian most of my life and now that I am in my mid 50s, I can see it really paying off. Most of the people in my age range that have eaten meat look and feel much older. I still feel like I am in my mid 20s (at least most days :) .

OK, maybe the last 22 years of using the SE-5 may also have something to do with it, but generally speaking, I feel that being vegetarian has contributed greatly to both Ilona’s and my state of health and youth. It is also very easy to test foods with the SE-5 on an individual basis. This is also true of vitamins. about 22 years ago we set up the SE-5 in a vitamin-supplement store in Seattle. We had just gotten our SE-5 and we were so excited to share it with the world. After we showed the owner how it worked, we asked him if we could set up a table and test the compatibility of the supplements before they purchased. He loved the idea and after a few hours we were starting to see a pattern. Generally speaking, more expensive vitamins rated better for people. But it was very much an individual experience.

In most cases Schiff vitamins (which are very inexpensive) did not test well at all for people. And in most cases Rainbow light vitamins (food based but more expensive) vitamins tested very well on people. This was my first exposure to Rainbow light and since it had tested well on so many people, we also bought some and took them for many years after.

But there were cases where Kal or Schiff vitamins tested well on people. It also depended on the type of supplement. Some supplements were very much the same, regardless of the company. Vitamin C is basically Vitamin C, regardless of the advertisements. But combinations of vitamins varied widely in their compatibility.

The same is true for foods. Often times it is not the food that the person reacts negatively to, but the growing methods. Organic foods as a whole test much better with people than foods grown with chemical poisons and fertilizers (DUH!) So sometimes people can eat a certain food grown organically and not a normal grocery store type.

So here is a simple test you can do quickly with your SE-5.

With your subject’s sample in the Cell, put in the Tuning 9-49 for General Vitality and take a reading.

Now place a food item on the input plate (with the subject’s sample still in the Cell) and take a reading again. Does the vitality go up or down?
You can also have the person hold the food over their stomach area if the subject is present, then take the second reading.

This is a very quick and easy way to see if a food will bring your vitality up or down and by how much. If a food brings your vitality WAY up, it might also not be so good for you. Some so called Super Foods can over amp the body. Generally speaking an improvement of 10% in vitality is a very compatible food. Generally if a food brings your vitality down by 5% or more, it might be better left alone.

Another interesting test is to see what happens to the vitality of the food itself in varying conditions. For example, organic foods normally test higher in vitality than foods grown with poisons and fertilizers.

After wrapping a food in aluminium foil even for 30 seconds, the vitality of the food drops almost to 0%! So any food that comes packed in aluminium foil is a pretty sure bet to stay away from. Leftovers should always be placed in glass or plastic containers. Interestingly, plastic is quite neutral in most cases.

Then there is the aspect of re-energizing your food. By using the output cable from your SE-5, you can wrap your groceries with the cable before you put them away. You can wrap the whole bag of groceries. Then run the Agricultural program and/or the Subtle Balance program. This has brought up the vitality of my foods considerably!

So in conclusion, it is best to check each food with each person to see how that person responds to different foods. In our current world and lifestyle it is becoming ever more important to choose foods with conscious awareness. Knowing where the food comes from and how it is grown is a big plus, but if you can test it yourself, you will know for sure what the food will do for you, before you eat it!

Until next time,

Don Paris

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