Photons, Digital Photos and IDFs

I have received numerous questions about the use of digital photographs and the SE-5 1000. I will try to answer these questions in an understandable fashion.

The purpose of the digital photo in the SE-5 1000 software is so that you don’t have to print it out unless you want to.

The whole digital process relies on the transmission of informational fields through crystals.

Here is the basic process:

Photons bounce off of the subject (either through natural light or the flash) and by interacting with the subject’s energy field (some say light body) the photons adapt and change to the characteristics of the subject’s IDF patterns. The photons actually change frequency as well. That is why when they enter the lens of the camera, they encode the different colors. They vibrate slower or faster depending on the color (frequency) they have just interacted with.

Inside the digital camera, the millions of frequencies (colors) are converted into digital information, just as this email message is first converted to digital information and then converted back into “real” information that you can read and understand. If the digital resolution is not high enough (or data gets lost in the transmission) the information is also degraded and then you do not get the meaning of the messages. For example, in this photo it is virtually impossible for the brain/mind to know what is being represented. So there is very little information. The IDFs are not captured in usable fashion.

What is some of the Information you can gather from the above photo?

Two colors.
possibly humanoid
maybe two legs
Possibly male :)

Here is a high resolution version of the same photo:

diver full res

Even though the image is smaller, there is obviously there is much more information, not only in pixels, but in terms of useable information in the high resolution image. Here is just a few bits of information about the second photo.

Scuba Diver
has a snorkel on
has fins
Has a BC
Has an extra mouthpiece for emergencies (for a friend)
under water
Artist rendition

Now this is a VERY small amount of information. This image does not carry many IDF patterns. Now imagine an actual photo of someone.

sample of girl

There are so many IDFs in this photo that one could almost use it as a sample to make a link with the subject. But there are several drawbacks in this photo that would make it not such a good sample, ie. other life forms in the photo, not a full body photo, etc.

To continue the process of transferring IDFs, let’s keep going.

After the photons are converted into digital data, they are stored in micro crystals of silicon inside of a computer chip. When you put the chip (flash card) into the computer reader, the computer then reassembles the stored data into the original frequencies again (colors). These are then displayed on a LCD or Liquid Crystal Display, causing the crystals in the display to vibrate at the same frequency (color) as when the original photo was taken (approximately the same frequencies).

If you want to transfer this digital information into physical form, then you need to use the Polaroid Pogo printer that uses crystals in the paper to produce the color frequencies. It is all about frequency and IDF patterning that creates the link for analyzing and balancing. So in this respect you can use any digital camera for taking a photo of your subject but only use the Polaroid printer for making a physical sample. Or use the digital photo in your software with the screen ON. (Turn off any screen saver or time out for your display).

We recommend using at least 3 Mega Pixels when you take a sample of your subject. This will capture enough IDF patterns to create a link between the SE-5 1000 and the subject. Less resolution will still give you some information, but it may be inaccurate or parts may be missing in the information.

Don Paris

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