What is Health

What is Health?

When Radionics was first developed it was 100% focused on disease and the elimination of symptoms. This was also true of its use in agriculture. For example in the 1950’s there was a study done according to USDA methods for the control of pests. They first took an aerial photo of the corn field and then cut out of the photo every other 4 rows of corn.
USDA study of Radionics

They went through the corn field and counted how many Japanese Beetles had damage the corn in the untreated area and then in the treated area.

The treated area was sent informational fields via a Radionics instrument. One method of sending information via a Radionics instrument is to place a poison (for example a pesticide that would kill the Japanese Beetles) in a coil or on input plate and then send the “frequency” or IDF (informational field) of the poison to the plants. This is called “using a reagent” in Radionic terms. The bugs seem to respond similarly to the Radionic broadcast as they would to the physical spray of chemicals. As you can see from the chart above, most of the corn silks in the treated area were not damaged, where as almost all of the silks in the untreated rows were damaged.

The most common question I get is this: If this technology is so effective why doesn’t everyone know about it? Or another variation of the question is this: If this technology really works, then everyone would know about it and be using it!

Most of my readers know the answers to these questions and are not so naive, but for those of you who are new and do not yet know these answers, I would suggest the book, Report on Radionics by Edward Russell. He clearly documents the history and suppression of this amazing technology.

Since the 1950s, much has been learned about plants and pest infestations. We have realized that pests have a purpose. We have also learned that plants have communication systems. They “talk” to one another via subtle acoustic and electromagnetic signals. This has been well documented in the Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. Not only do plants communicate, but all of nature seems to be involved in a vast information exchange that produces sustainable and ever adapting changes in the DNA network aimed at the survival of all things.

One example is the research by Dan Carlson. He found that plants open their pores to let in moisture and nutrients when the birds begin their morning songs. He surmised that if he played the frequencies of bird songs (or music in the same frequency range) to the plants and then sprayed on some micro-nutrients, the plants would grow better. That turned out to be a vast understatement. Dan has grown the largest indoor plant in the world and has been nominated for the Nobel Prize for his work.

I personally have used his product called Sonic Bloom and had very good results.


Over the years, research in Radionics in agriculture has shifted from getting rid of pests to creating a healthy environment for the plants. It has been discovered that plants send out a signal or communication that indicates its current state of health. If the plant is weak or dying, it sends out the signal for the insects and bugs and bacteria, etc. and they respond by coming to eat it. If you have any experience in gardening, you will have noticed that some plants are infested with bugs while nearby plants of the same variety have little or no bugs. These plants are stronger and healthier than the plants being eaten by the bugs.

Pests are natures way of pruning out the unhealthy plants and supporting the healthy plants to reproduce and enhance that species’ chance for survival.

Of course if you spray a pesticide on all of the plants and it kills the bugs, you do not have a feedback system any more about the state of health of your plants. The other negative side effect is that both healthy and unhealthy plants then reproduce and it weakens the overall species. (of course with Mansanto’s terminator seeds the entire checks and balance system is wheeling out of control)


In a simple word, environment. A strong environment produces strong plants. This is achieved by several factors. Rich soil, clean water, good weather, seeds with strong DNA, appropriate balance of enzymes, minerals and bacteria in the soil, lack of toxins and strong subtle fields (similar to our Chakras) in the overall growing area. These can all be analyzed and balanced with the SE-5 1000 via IDFs (Intrinsic Data Fields).

Increasing the life force of the soil, and environment will naturally reduce the influx of pests. And of course will increase the yield and quality of the food.


Being healthy does not mean “not being sick”. A state of health is not the absence of illness. Since the early days of Radionics, we have learned that eliminating illness is not the optimum way to produce health. Of course it is a starting point, because it is difficult to be healthy when one is sick in bed. But as with agriculture, human health occurs from an abundance of energy, not from a lack of pathogens. The question is; How do we gather energy and maintain it? There are many roads to the same destination and the SE-5 works more like a GPS than a map. With a map, you can see where you are and where you want to go (if you can find the “YOU ARE HERE” point on the map. With GPS you just need to know where you want to go. You type in the destination and it guides you every step of the way. If you take a wrong turn, it recalculates a new path from where you currently are.

The most efficient way to get to where you want to go (state of health) is to start at the control center and gain command over the steering mechanism. In this case, this would be the DNA. The DNA is the driver’s seat of the cells. The basic elements of the cells are threefold. There is an outer membrane, and inner mantel (Cytoplasm) and the nucleus which contains the DNA and its instructions. We have about 60 trillion cells in our body with different functions and responsibilities. Basically all the cells are doing two things: Listening and Responding.

The cells are listening to your environment through the molecular antennae in the cellular membrane. This membrane interprets the signals and sends the instructions to the DNA in the nucleus of the cell. The DNA responds by activating the appropriate responses in the cell to turn on or turn off different genes. Since the DNA is a kind of salt, it transduces electromagnetic energy very well. Its crystalline structure is perfect for transmitting and storing information. This combination works basically like a radio. It sends signals via waves with information riding on the waveforms. This happens in all 60 trillion cells all the time. These radios are super-sensitive and can pick up and respond to the slightest change in thought or emotion. Therefore everything in your environment including the food you eat, the liquids you drink, the air you breath and the thoughts and feelings you carry with you, all shape your physical body. The DNA responds and sends signals to either produce certain hormones or turn them off.

Higher frequency thoughts (love, generosity) will produce higher vibrations (quite literally) in the body all the way down to the DNA which then releases different types of amino acids and hormones that determine how we feel. This in turn has a direct effect on the overall state of our health. Lower frequency thoughts and feelings (fear, anger) produce a different set of hormones that make us feel bad. The DNA is the driver seat of these interactions.

In the training course for the SE-5 in Denver in June, I will go into methods of specifically identifying which Codons (Genes are created from groups of codons and codons have specific coded message such as Begin Message, End Message, etc.) are needed in order to produce not only optimum health, but also the fundamentals of success and reaching your full potential as and enlightened being. We will learn how to analyze what blockages are stopping you from going forward and how to bring into balance the proper sequence of DNA signals to produce the results you are looking for.

There are many aspects to health. Healthy living is something that builds on itself. Making radical changes is possible, but that means making quantum leaps in understanding and being willing to let go of conventional ideas of everyday life. It is pretty obvious that conventional ways of living are filling our hospitals and doctors offices. What is taken for granted as normal has very little to do with living life to its fullest or potentializing health. I will try to assist those who are willing to making quantum jumps in consciousness and live a life that is only dreamed of by those that dare to dream.

Don Paris

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