New features and Seminar coming for the SE-5 1000

Hi Everyone,

I realize it has been a long time (once again) since I got a newsletter out. I have been working on some new projects (which will be coming to fruition very soon) and I will pass along that info as soon as I have a real time line for completion. I think everyone in this e-group will benefit from this new technology.

I have been working on several fronts at the same time. Besides developing a new line of products, I have been also working on improving the SE-5 1000.

I am very excited about our new developments. First off, I will be sending around links for new software and firmware updates in the next week or so. We have been steadily improving the software and firmware from all your valuable feedback over the last 2 years. I feel like we are very close to having a “finished” software in this generation of software. Of course with daily changes in the world of computers, I am certain there will be room to grow and expand but for now in the PC world, we are very close to the finish line.

On the hardware side, I have been working on a new upgrade for the last year or so. It has been on my mind since the very beginning of my work with the SE-5 (original SE-5) over 25 years ago. After Ilona and I first discovered the SE-5, we purchased it and had a couple of days training with Dr. Greg Morgan. The day we left his house, we wandered up the coast of California continuing on our modern day walk-about (modern, meaning a drive about) and arrived in a place called Sherman Oaks Calif.

I had never heard of the place before but I liked the name and I had images of huge oak trees lining the streets. As we drove through town, we both spotted a building that had a sign on it “Biofield Reasearch Center”. The original SE-5 was called the Biofield Spectrum Analyzer and so we thought we should stop in and find out if they knew something about the SE-5 and perhaps get some more training.

We were greeted by a very bright eyed, white haired gentleman who immediately began his story of how he founded the center. His son had been in a car accident and was hospitalized for several months with total paralysis. He was besides himself feeling helpless in the hands of the medical system and started searching for his own answers that might help his son.

He eventually came across the work of Darius Dinshah and was fascinated by many of the stories from this wonder healer using only different colors to heal his patients. He ordered some color slides and requested permission from the doctor and hospital to shine different colors of light on his son’s paralyzed body. He faithfully followed Dinshah’s regime of shining certain colors on certain parts of his son’s body over a month long period. Much to the surprise of the doctors, he began to get movement and feeling in his legs again. Encouraged by these results, he continued the treatments and over a several month period, his son fully recovered!!!

He was so deeply moved by this experience that he opened a center in Sherman Oaks to spread the message of Dinshah’s color therapy methods. We briefly showed him the SE-5 at the time, but I could see his real passion was in the color work. We bought Dinshah’s book and he graciously gave us a set of color slides to go with it. We practiced with his methods for several years in conjunction with our SE-5 work. It is an amazing science.

One day I was opening a box with a box cutter and it slipped and sliced the back of my hand open. It was very deep and before I pulled the two parts together I was able to look inside my hand to see how it worked (always the researcher ;-)). Then I remembered the Dinshah book and while pinching my skin together with one hand, I was able to open the book and look up the appropriate color for wounds. I found the color Turquoise and pulled out the slide and went outside into the sunshine as it was a handy source of light. I put the color slide over the top of the cut and angled it so that the sun would shine though onto the wound. After about five minutes, the cut sealed itself up completely. I didn’t even put a Band-Aid on it and it never bled or had any pain after that point. I still have a small scar there but I think that might have even disappeared if I had kept up with the light sessions.

I had always thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could send SE-5 Tunings along with the colors? With the original SE-5 and SE-5 plus, this was not practical. I came up with different ways of doing that by using color slides as a reagent (as you know from the Advanced Training Course) but it never really met my goals. I wanted the IDFs to ride on the light waves.

When I was designing the SE-5 1000, I found a way to do that with the color red (which at 660 nm is really Scarlet in Dinshah’s frequency range) with the Scanning Probe. This turned out to be a very effective and useful tool. The effect is immediate when a program is running at the same time as stimulating an acupuncture point with the probe.

But I was still not completely satisfied because we only had one color to work with.

After working with Jan van der Est from Holland, one of the world’s best experts on color therapy and an excellent SE-5 practitioner, I realized that we could incorporate a multi-colored probe with the SE-5 1000. It would take some hardware changes and more firmware programming, but it was doable. So I set out on a course with engineers from America, Hong Kong and China to put together a system of tuned colors that will match the Dinshah frequencies and put it into a usable tool for the SE-5 1000.

We are in the final stages of R&D and about to move into production of our new Color Wand. This will require some hardware changes inside, so for SE-5 1000 users, you will need to send in your unit for an upgrade if you want the new features.

I am planning a seminar in Albuquerque NM again this summer (July 20-23) and I will be offering to do the upgrade at the seminar for the participants. I do not have final production costs yet, but I think it will be in the $500 range, give or take to do the upgrade.

I will send out a synopsis of the course in a few days and begin registrations. We will limit the class to 20 participants and Roxanne will be teaching with me. Naturally color therapy will be one module of the class ;). Dinshah’s book, Let There Be Light, will be included in the course.



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