What is EME?

What is EME?

EME is a new condition that has emerged over the last 15 years or so. It stands for ElectroMagnetic Exhaustion a term I have come up with to describe the overload of EM radiation that most people are exposed to on a daily basis these days. You will not find too much about it even through Google, but the fact is that many many people are complaining about this even though they do not know what it is or what is causing it.

EME comes from the resistance that our body puts up against the onslaught of electromagnetic frequencies. We have a built in protection system in our body ( our own electromagnetic field) that buffers incoming signals so that our own signaling system is not affected. Our brain and heart structures are constantly emitting small EM signals through out our body. Many researchers now believe that the biological changes that occur in our body are primarily electromagnetic signals and secondarily chemical changes.

The chemical signaling model is many times too slow to produce the kinds of changes necessary for our system to react the way it does. For example, for a baseball player to hit a ball that is coming at him at 120 miles per hour, the signalling system of chemical reactions to perceive the ball and tell the arms to swing the bat at the right time are physically not possible according to physics. The only communication system that we know of that could send the signals fast enough would be electromagnetic signalling.

The most recent research has found a system of interconnecting pathways called Microtubles. These extremely small protein tubes carry out many functions. It is now speculated that they may also be working as information super highways similar to fiber optic cables that connect vast distances.

microtubles microtubles2

When incoming signals come into our body, our electrical system can normally reroute the signals so that the external signals are ignored. In the case of a very strong EM signal, like the electricity coming out of the light socket, the strong signal can overcome our small signals and cause our muscles to contract for example, and not allow us to let go of the electric cable if we were to touch a bare wire. In most cases however, the signal from our brain overrides this incoming signal and gains the upper hand by causing us to immediately let go of the wire.

The problem we are facing in our current era of technological exploration is that most of the new signals are erratic and not constant. With a constant signal our body understands it quite quickly and makes adjustments to ignore it. But recent research is showing that the erratic signals of digital signals such as cell phones, Smart Meters, Digital Pagers, WiFi, etc. etc. are causing our bodies to wear down and lose its ability of defending against these signals. This is leading to DNA damage and a host of diseases such as bone loss and even cancer.

Dr. Devra Davis was part of the Clinton administration and headed the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation branch of the government and she sorely regrets that they passed a law at that time that does not allow anyone to stop the installation of a Cell Phone tower based on health reasons. She did not believe at that time that there were any biological effects from such small signals such as from Cell phones. She began studying this to prove that there were not any health issues related to cell phones and digital signals and found the exact opposite was true.

She is now a champion of the efforts to educate doctors and health officials of the dangers of these small signals. She is convinced that the erratic nature of these small signals is part of the reason they are so dangerous. A new twist is that science is finally starting to accept that Informational Fields are also part of the signal problem. See next image.

EM signals

You can watch a wonderful presentation by Dr. Davis on my website at https://www.chiorganizer.com/problem.htm
Electromagnetic Exhaustion sets in when the cells wear out trying to adjust and keep the foreign signals out. When the signals are so erratic, the cells just become worn out and eventually quit… at that point, we as a human feel the exhaustion at a physical level. Most people notice it after flying in a commercial airplane.

I took an EM meter with me on a flight and since it was not such a full flight, I was able to walk freely around the airplane and I searched for a relatively “clean” seat where the EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) was not in the RED on my meter. There wasn’t any seat on the entire plane that I could find. It is no wonder that we feel exhausted after a flight. Pilots especially have this problem and it has become a real concern in the aviation industry. I have a friend that has been researching ways to help reduce the biological effects of the EMFs for the airline pilots.

But the problem is not confined to airplanes anymore. All newer cars (15 years or less) all have computers in them and the cars 8 years or less are full of computers and digital signaling devices. The difference between driving long distance in a new car and an old car are very noticeable. Of course there are other aspects of new cars that cause stress on the system as well such as out gassing of toxic materials and recycled air, but a big part of the exhaustion feeling comes from EME.

And what about office buildings full of computers and WiFi? Actually most every home in America has WiFi signals running through it. Even if you don’t have WiFi yourself, your neighbor is bound to have it and it blasts right through the walls of most homes.

And now they are making toys for babies to play with that emit microwave radiation!


babies and EMF
The inventor of the SE-5 had created a solution for this problem and built several prototype units. I have used one for about 8 years and don’t ever want to be without it. Dr. Frank Wyatt also got one and was a firm believer of keeping it with him all the time before he passed away.

Several people asked me about it when they saw mine clipped on my belt and often asked where they could get one. I had asked many times for Dr. Willard Frank to produce more of them but he didn’t get them into production before he died. After the monumental task of redesigning the SE-5 into the SE-5 1000, I took on the job of redesigning and putting the unit into production. We called it the Chi-O, short for Chi-Organizer. Even though we have already received some units, they sold out right away and we are expecting a new shipment in the first part of August. I will send another newsletter out when they are available for the public.

It works by emitting bio-friendly frequencies regularly about 32,000 times per day. This is done through a scalar antenna which eliminates the electromagnetic resistance of our system and provides a buffer shield in our aura. Our Chi energy is brought into balance and strengthened which gives our body a much better chance of resisting and combating the incoming sea of digital signals that are constantly attacking our system.

Chi-O, Chio

Chi-O Necklace

I have more information on our new website: www.chiorganizer.com

I hope this information opens your awareness to the great experiment that is being tested on about 5 billion people at the moment (the number of people currently using cell phones in the world.) This technology was not tested before being released to the public. Now they are going even further by putting a Smart Meter on houses that are a hundred of times stronger than cell signals and turning the entire house into a radiation zone. There is a big movement in California to take them out, but since it is such big business, it is a very difficult uphill struggle. If you don’t have a Smart Meter yet, please educate yourself and in most cases you can Opt Out from the meter (although in many areas you have to pay extra to keep your old meter).

More information here…. http://stopsmartmeters.org/


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